Ask yourself, can your clients weather the next financial storm? Is your practice designed to help preserve client’s hard-earned capital when market conditions turn ugly?

Whether you recognize it or not, we believe that clients expect their financial advisors to protect them from the destruction that severe bear markets can inflict on portfolios.

Unlike the “set it and forget it” days of the 1990’s, the “Tech Bubble Bear” of 2000-2002 and then “Credit Crisis” of 2008-09 taught investors that a buy-and-hold approach to the markets is not be sufficient for today’s more volatile markets.

Managing Risk is Mission Critical

Risk management strategies should be part of every investor’s portfolio. We are confident that if given a choice, few investors would intentionally remain fully invested in any market during a severe decline.

Unlike traditional growth oriented strategies, Numetrix programs have the discretion to move to a fully defensive position (cash or inverse ETF’s) when our unemotional models and systems indicate that market conditions have turned negative.

Put simply, we believe that managing risk on a daily basis is “Mission Critical.”

It’s About Getting the Big Moves Right

We believe the real key to successful investing over the long-term is staying on the right side of the market’s really big, really important moves.

This is what Numetrix Capital is all about.

While there is no guarantee that we will accomplish our objective, we strive to keep exposure to market risk in harmony with the overall risk/reward environment at all times. This means we attempt to maintain a lower exposure to the stock market during severe market declines.

Advanced Techniques: Risk and Volatility Budgeting

In addition to staying on the right side of the market’s important moves, Numetrix takes risk management one step further, utilizing advanced techniques designed to make “the ride” smoother for clients.

One of the truly unique features of the Numetrix approach is that risk and volatility “budgets” are built into many of our programs. Here’s the way it works. If a strategy exceeds its predetermined risk or volatility level, it is quickly and unemotionally eliminated from the allocation mix.

Thus, investors can take comfort in the knowledge that the Numetrix programs are designed to manage risk at both the individual strategy and the overall portfolio levels.

In sum, we believe that managing risk on a daily basis is vital to long-term success in the markets.

Numetrix Portfolio Solutions

Numetrix offers three distinct series of multi-manager, multi-strategy portfolio solutions. 

Numetrix Portfolio Solutions are Offered by Hg Capital Advisors LLC, an independently owned Texas limited liability company, registered as a Registered Investment Advisory firm under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.

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