Numetrix Capital’s member firms offers a wide array of independent investment programs. Together, they provide well over 60 separate managed sleeves. An overview of the six contributing firms together with representative program solutions follows below.

Active Investment Management (AIM) is an independent, privately owned, investment research firm located in Orland Park, IL. AIM provides equity investment strategies to financial professionals through an active management philosophy. AIM’s strategies are based on statistical probability and proprietary mathematically derived indicators.  Offerings include conservative to aggressive risk levels with the goal of achieving appropriate risk/reward levels.

Active NDX: Exposes allocation to 200% of Nasdaq 100 movement, using both long and short positions.  Average annual exposure 75%.

Active Volatility: Trades volatility-oriented ETNs. Effective leverage varies dependent upon market conditions.

Conservative SP: Exposes allocation to as much as 150% total of the S&P 500 index.  Market exposure is expected to be less than 20% on an annual basis.

Eastsound Capital Advisors, LLC offers quantitatively-guided, separately managed account strategies that are focused on capital preservation and growth.

Each plan is crafted to reflect your individual goals and risk tolerance with the overarching objective of maximizing the potential for absolute returns relative to risk through the active application of sophisticated, next-generation tactical approaches to wealth management guided by a detailed professional plan.

Highly liquid “Concierge Accounts” are held in your name with a designated custodian, providing full on-line control and transparency into your holdings at all times.

Encompass Core & Plus Portfolios: Globally diversified holdings matched to individual risk profile and objectives. The Core option focuses on low internal cost ETPs, while the Plus variation begins with the Core holdings, then incorporates a 30-40% allocation to a risk-matched blend of tactical sector and bond rotation strategies for further diversification.

Balanced Stock Selection: Whereas other ECA approaches rely on Exchange Traded Products, this strategy actively invests in individual U.S. listed growth and value stocks, applying a risk-management overlay to attempt to reduce bear-market risk.

Stabile Value & Income: Attempts to minimize volatility and drawdowns while also providing inflation beating returns using a dynamic blend of selected ETPs and cash.

Real Estate Focus: Intended as a partial portfolio solution, Real Estate Focus invests in global real estate ETPs and cash applying a dynamic risk-management framework.

Heritage Capital LLC is an award-winning personal investment management firm dedicated to growing portfolios and protecting the assets of individuals, trusts, and corporations.  Our number one priority is to make money for our clients. And we achieve this through an exclusive Active Management Approach that helps you earn superior investment returns while minimizing exposure during market declines. 

High Yield Bond: Heritage Capital’s High Yield Bond Program employs an intermediate-term momentum model that buys and sells appropriate high yield and floating rate bond mutual funds. Our goal is to participate in the high yield bond market with lower risk and less exposure to interest rates. Strict stop loss protection is a key element of this strategy to keep drawdowns at a minimum. The High Yield Bond Program offers capital appreciation, capital preservation and dividends without the typical bond risk from rising interest rates. 

Short-Term Gold Equities: Heritage Capital’s Short-Term Gold Equities Program is a concentrated, risk managed sector program designed to participate in the short and intermediate-term rallies in the PHLX Gold/Silver Index (XAU) using ETFs amd Mutual Funds and similar gold related instruments. When short and intermediate-term price declines occur, our objective is to position client assets in the safety of money market funds. Capital preservation and appreciation have similar weights in this actively managed strategy, but volatility and drawdowns are significantly below historical levels through the use of tight and stringent stop losses on all positions. 

Relative Strength Sector Program: Heritage Capital’s Relative Strength Sector Program employs a proprietary computer model to select one to four top performing U.S. market sectors, including cash, that indicators predict offer the highest potential reward over the intermediate-term. This actively managed strategy is then implemented using exchange traded sector funds and the sector mutual funds as well as sector funds within selected variable annuities.

Emerging Markets Program: Heritage Capital’s Emerging Markets Program employs a proprietary momentum computer model that chooses from a universe of emerging market country exchange traded funds (ETFs), which include Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India, Mexico and Russia for a weekly rebalance that results in one to three top performing markets which offer the highest potential reward. Trend following and mean reversion indicators play key roles in trading decisions. 

Heritage Capital Research (HCR) is an independent, privately owned, investment research firm located in the Denver area. HCR provides portfolio management consulting services to financial professionals utilizing a customized approach. Instead of an off-the-shelf product offering, HCR works with advisors one-on-one to develop solutions customized to fit their firm’s needs and budget.

TAAP (Tactical Asset Allocation Programs): Winner of the 2018 NAAIM Shark Tank Investing Strategy Competition, the TAAPs are a series (Conservative, Growth, Aggressive) of longer-term, risk-managed asset allocation strategies designed to stay in tune with the primary market cycles.

Strategic Leaders: A series of risk-targeted, multi-strategy, global asset allocation portfolios utilizing a strategic “focus on the leaders” approach to the major asset classes.

Equity Leaders: A risk-managed, multi-strategy, multi-manager, equity selection portfolio utilizing a “forest, grove, trees” approach to market leadership.

Focus High Yield: A longer-term, risk-managed allocation strategy focusing on the high yield bond market.

Hg Capital Advisors, LLC is dedicated to providing investment solutions to advisors and their clients. Hg Capital´s expertise is in providing objectively managed investment solutions. We have developed proprietary strategic and tactical solutions, as summarized here [link].

When properly mixed these programs are designed to provide a new level of diversification—across methodology, holding time frame and asset class—beyond traditional investment philosophy. This enables you to build portfolios your clients can stay with, meeting their investment objectives and comfort levels in all market environments.

Scarecrow Trading Inc (STI) is an independent, privately owned, investment research firm located in the Minneapolis. STI provides equity trading strategies to financial professionals utilizing an active management philosophy in their client portfolio offerings. Our programs utilize directional investing strategies to accelerate growth-oriented performance in both a bull and bear market environment. 2 Beta mutual funds are traded in establishing GIPS compliant performance records.

Crow Chaser: Dynamically exposes allocation to between 0% and 200% of Nasdaq 100 movement.

Symphonic Index: Dynamically exposes allocation to between 0% and 200% total of a combination of Nasdaq100 and Russell 2000 movement.

Phoenix: A multi-strategy system that dynamically exposes allocation to between 0% and 200% total of a combination of Nasdaq100 and Russell 2000 movement.

This webpage is for informational purposes only and does not constitute advice, an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities and may not be relied upon in connection with any offer or sale of securities. Referenced advisers’ approaches may not be appropriate for all investors. All investing is risky and past performance, whether actual or tested, is no guarantee of future results or profitability. Please refer to advisers’ individual websites for further inquiries, program information and disclosures. Hg Capital Advisors is not affiliated with the referenced advisors.

Numetrix Portfolio Solutions are Offered by Hg Capital Advisors LLC, an independently owned Texas limited liability company, registered as a Registered Investment Advisory firm under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.

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