Since the turn of the century, many longstanding principles of investment planning and modern portfolio design have fallen well short of expectations. This has left advisors and investors alike questioning the status quo.

At Numetrix, we believe it is time to think and invest differently. Specifically, we believe:

  • Growth and capital preservation are not mutually exclusive
  • Diversification by asset class is not enough
  • Buy-and-hope is too painful for most investors 
  • Defending against bear markets is “mission critical”
  • No single investment strategy can outperform in all markets
  • A platform full of investment choices is NOT a portfolio strategy
  • Investment strategies must adapt to changing market environments

In short, we believe it is time for financial professionals to take a different approach to portfolio design and investment strategy selection.

The Problem

Too many choices, not enough help! 

With thousands of investment alternatives available, one of the most difficult tasks financial advisors face is the selection of investment managers and then, perhaps more importantly, when to make changes or adjustments to those selections. 

Numetrix recognizes that these “selection” and “timing” decisions pose risks to an advisor’s practice as well as client portfolios.

In addition, the market turmoil seen during the technology bubble of 2000-02, the credit crisis of 2008-09, and the European debt crisis from 2010–12 proved that traditional diversification strategies simply aren’t enough. If these crises taught investors anything it was that when the bears go on a rampage, old fashioned diversification does not sufficiently protect capital. 

Numetrix believes investors need to diversify across investment strategies, manager methodologies, underlying asset classes, and most importantly, investment managers

Numetrix Can Help

At Numetrix, one of our primary goals is to help alleviate an advisor’s “selection” and “timing” risks by providing a suite of investment programs designed to: 

  • Diversify across strategies, managers and methodologies
  • Select which money managers/strategies to use within a portfolio allocation
  • Monitor the performance of the managers/strategies relative to stated objectives and benchmarks
  • Adjust exposures to managers and strategies within a portfolio when appropriate

The Numetrix Portfolio Solutions: 

Numetrix offers financial professionals a comprehensive platform of multi-manager solutions designed to provide real portfolio diversification and adapt to changing environments:

  • Numetrix “Selects”: Unique to the investment advisor community, the “Selects” program incorporates proprietary “selection engines” to actively/automatically adjust managers and investment strategies to changing market conditions.
  • Numetrix Target Series: Growth oriented, active management programs employing a diversified manager and multiple methodology approach, targeting specific investing styles and asset classes.
  • Numetrix Foundation Series: Core asset allocation strategies coupled with a disciplined, long-term risk management approach to help preserve capital during negative market environments.

All Numetrix portfolios are designed to manage risk, diversify across multiple managers, strategies and time-frames, and adapt to changing markets. We believe using a combination of strategies enables advisors to best achieve a client’s objectives.

Numetrix is happy to assist in custom-designing a suitable mix of investment management strategies for advisors and their clients.

Numetrix Portfolio Solutions are Offered by Hg Capital Advisors LLC, an independently owned Texas limited liability company, registered as a Registered Investment Advisory firm under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.

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